Summer Camp

Building Communities of Resilience

Teach your children essential life skills for greater independence and resilience. Vine Communities Center for Sustainable Development program is a one-of-a-kind

sustainability skills summer camp for children and teens. Kids will discover the value

and fun of living sustainably, being immersed in nature, and caring for our planet and

community through back-to-basics life skills program. The camp is tailored for 100% hands-on learning practices while kids get to take home all of the eco-friendly projects that they create.

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 "As the path extends further ahead of us, we realize that our children need to gain the skills necessary to survive hardship and be able to adapt and deal with extreme situations should that be required in their future. Our lives are hanging on a thread that is currently tied to man-made systems. We have the power and the ability to tie the thread to the ever-regenerating and giving earth and begin to heal its land while it gives back to us, our children, and our grandchildren."

— Eiman Al Zaabi, Found of Vine Communities

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